Watch A Few Stories Out Of The Video Testimonials Below To Find People Just Like You Who Changed Their Life
If you want to book an in person reading or healing, I will be at Lupa Apothecary every Friday from 12:00 to 6:00.
Call or message me to schedule.


Watch A Few Stories Out Of The Video Testimonials Below To Find People Just Like You Who Changed Their Life
If you want to book an in person reading or healing, I will be at Lupa Apothecary every Friday from 12:00 to 6:00.
Call or message me to schedule.
Melanie M.
Eva has been a massive part of the foundation as well as the journey of my healing. Her readings are beyond intuitive. She always seems one step ahead. Her answers sometimes come before the questions leave my lips. Her guidance is honest, straightforward, and priceless. Working with her has led me to massive breakthroughs and openings that have propelled me forward. She comes from a loving and genuine place. I work in concert with her and my therapist. Eva sees through my superficial requests for a “tarot reading” just like my therapist sees through my rambling to my hurt. Eva has my best interest at heart and leads me towards my higher self. She has blown my mind on many occasions— “knowing” things about situations that I have never shared with her. She “sees” little details that haven’t been shared and her honesty is true guidance. I cannot say enough about her gifts and her kindness! I am so grateful that the universe led me toher!💗🦋🙏🌀
Eva has one of the most calming and centering energies I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. She is incredibly gifted with any and all types of readings, not only with her approach and process but, how authentically she maintains such a pure space for her clients. She focuses solely on the clients desire from the reading and keeps the energy flowing to be able to do her readings with incredible proficiency. She also has the capability to be able to delve deeper into a person’s soul than most people may even be aware of exists within them. So whether you are looking for an overview on your love life/career or guidance or even inner healing, you could not be in better or more gifted hands, and to say the least, it was an absolute pleasure to get a read from Eva.
Eva is a great reader and she has helped me see things from a different perspective so much ! Eva has helped me grow more and more spiritually and always puts me on the right path. If you need guidance Eva is definitely the person you would want to go to.
Kathryn G.
Meeting Eva was a gift. She has a natural ability to tap into the very heart of whatever may be happening in your story. Her readings and sessions offer sage spiritual advice and leave you feeling better equipped to embrace life.
Pam Shinsky.

My first experience with Eva Marie was an uncannily accurate card reading.

Deciding later to have a completion process because I felt I was not living my best life, and all my relationships were one-sided.

I was surprised at the results. Now, I have been able to set boundaries in my current relationship and finally move forward with several projects I have been procrastinating on since my energy level has increased.

Amy Hart.
Eva is an incredible person to work with. I could instantly feel her calming vibrations when working with her which put me at ease. She took the time to get to really get to know me and to understand my needs on a deep level. She gave me the tools to help me clear away deep rooted sources of dis-ease and I still utilize the strategies she gave me months after meeting with her. I absolutely recommend her services to anyone in need!
Eva-Marie is very intuitive. If you want an accurate reading please go to her! She understands where your energy is at and gives techniques and readings to improve/heal your headspace. Would highly recommend her!
A happy customer in Bernardsville 😊
Eva is a gifted and intuitive healer. She will guide you to identify core wounds and provide tools to release self limiting beliefs driven by these wounds. With these tools you will be able to shift your mindset and behaviors. This will enable you to let go of toxic patterns and invite positive loving relationships into your life. I highly recommend Eva to anyone who wants to cultivate inner happiness and improve the quality of their life. She will help you on your journey with empathy and understanding.
Caitlin Meola.
I’ve had a few readings with Eva and they’ve always left me feeling refreshed and positive! She has such a gentle way of bringing out your true feelings and bringing you closer to yourself/your goals. I always look forward to seeing what she has to say!

N. Brooks.

I would recommend Eva Marie to anyone looking for inspired guidance and/or divine healing. She has a non-judgmental, calming presence and is able to deliver message from the other dimensions with true compassion and clarity. Her gifts were clearly meant to be shared with others in order to help with mankind’s ascension.

Andrea Rodriguez.
I met Eva at a store and asked for her service of tarot reading. I felt very comfortable from the beginning with her because we started with a meditation and that helped me relax. After that session and the sincerity that I saw in Eva, we met again 3 more times and she helped me find the main source of a lot of my insecurities and fears. During these sessions she taught me methods for me to work on my own.
She helped me saw clarity in an important decision. After every session I felt calm and ready to continued with my path the way that it is. What I’ve noticed is that by using the methods that Eva taught me my triggers have gone down and I feel much relax during my day.
I will continued to reach to Eva, she is the best and loves to help her clients become their best.
Zyra H.
Eva Marie is the best!! With 1 session, she was able to help me get rid of my seasonal depression and heal the emotional trauma from my father. I highly recommended Eva if you are having any subconscious blocks, trauma and unbalanced energy or chakras.
Sabrina Ippolito.
eva is the absolute best out there. she made the reading very comfortable and provided a safe space. she did an incredible reading that helped me with every aspect of my life. she is such a talented and incredible person! truly life changing❤️
Kristen A.
I’ve received both readings and healing sessions with Eva. Each experience is unique and a great tool for deep self discovery and development. Eva is so understanding and really knows how to deliver messages with kindness. I truly trust her.
Anonymous Client.
I met Eva at Lupa apothecary one day and decided to take tarot cards a try. Prior to the session, I was feeling exhausted and run down – all the time. In 2 sessions (tarot card and 1:1); she cleared some old emotions that were likely deeply rooted and holding me back. After the session, I felt more positive and happy. Overall she was able to provide me with the balance and wellbeing that I was so needing.
Cristina L.
EvaMarie has been so caring and loving throughout my spiritual healing… it has been such a tremendous change in my life and my healing post separation and dealing with childhood wounds.
Vanessa Berger.
I hired Eva Marie for a private reading 6 months ago. It was the best reading I have ever had. She was so spot on and gave me so much insight. I recommended her to a few friends and they had similar very positive experiences. I was having a Halloween party the following month so I asked her to do readings at that party. Everyone agreed that Eva Marie was incredible.
Dove Ocean Keegan.
Eva Marie provides a safe and comforting space for one to explore trauma and restore parts of the subconscious mind. Eva Marie guides through graceful intuition, compassionate affirmation, and non-invasive questioning with emotional awareness/intelligence. The healer is able to safely be present with, integrate and also bring higher vibrational energies/beings to the places of the subconscious mind where the traumas of the lower world reside. May this affirm through love that Eva is guided and taught by powerful multidimensional beings of light that are present with her healing on behalf of the Greater Good of Earth and Humanity.
Cristina L.

EvaMarie has been so caring and loving throughout my spiritual healing… it has been such a tremendous change in my life and my healing post separation and dealing with childhood wounds.

She is nurturing and compassionate, very accurate and intuitive.

She will check on the progress you make and truly cares about seeing it all through until you both feel you are back on track. A very kind soul that came in my life at the right time.

Thank you so much.

Jill, Bernardsville, NJ.
Working with Eva has brought so much light into corners of my life that had previously been unexplored. She is a kind, caring, and intuitively insightful soul who is passionate about using her gifts to impart a greater level of awareness and healing in those she works with.
Melissa M.
Eva is truly amazing. She is responsive, honest, and caring. She is easy to get in touch with. Eva and I worked together to heal much of my trauma. During our first session, I immediately felt much better, as she was completely supportive as she guided me. She provided me with consistent and impactful coaching and after the 5 week program I was able to attain a level of peace that I was not able to before working with Eva.
My level of anger and anxiety drastically reduced. Furthermore, during our tarot card sessions, the information she shared with me was completely accurate. Overall, I would recommend anyone, and especially someone who has dealt with trauma, to work with Eva.

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